Quotes What a treat for our dog! After years of struggling to find a reliable pet sitter, now I have one. The care was exactly as agreed. After we returned, our dog was happy, healthy and almost seemed to miss her time with Julie H. D Best is fantastic and very affordable. Highly recommend! Quotes
Schelley D.
Veteran Traveller

Quotes We tried at least 3 other services before we found Julie. Clearly, Julie cares about the dogs and takes care of them wonderfully. Daisy absolutely loves her. We have dropped Daisy off many times for short stays and twice for long stays over 1 week. Every time we go back, she practically runs from the car to Julie's door. Daisy recommends her highly and we concur!!!! Quotes
Ram Venkataraman and Lakshmi Raman
Daisy loves Julie!

Quotes My mom and I love on the dogs like they are family. We love all of the dogs and make sure they are well fed and healthy. I remember we had 1 dog that had to be dragged away from our front door by her owner. I love her and you will 2!!! : ) Quotes

Quotes I have two labradoodles that I love almost as much as my kids. I left Jack and Charlie with Julie while we went on vacation, and they LOVED staying at her house. I think they were a little sad when they had to leave. You could not leave your pets with anyone better than Julie. She loves them each like they are her own, and treats them as members of her family. I promise, once you try her, you will never leave your dogs anywhere else! Quotes
Kiersten S.

Quotes We walked in the door after having Julie look after our dog for a week and he actually looked sad to see us! I think he was as depressed to be away from Julie as we were to be back from vacation! My mail was in a perfect pile and my flowers looked better than when I left. Julie is a gem! Quotes
Sarah L.